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Beacon Consumer Holdings Inc. (“BeaCH”)  is the issuer of the Series 2013-1 Asset-Backed Notes and the Series Alpha1 Asset-Backed Notes.

  • The Series 2013-1 Notes offering period expired on December 31, 2014:
    • 2013-1 Class A Notes expected final payment date is May 2019; and
    • 2013-1 Class B Notes expected final payment date is October 2019.
    • Interest on the above Series 2013-1 Notes is paid monthly.
  • The Series Alpha1 Notes are currently available to accredited investors in the following Series and annual interest rates:
    • SR2019 Notes earning 6.00%;
    • SB2019 Notes earning 7.50%;
    • SR2021 Notes earning 7.00%; and
    • SB2021 Notes earning 9.25%.
    • Interest on the above Series Alpha1 Notes is paid monthly.
  • BeaCH has engaged Computershare Trust Company of Canada as Indenture Trustee.
  • PFSC Canada Inc. is engaged as Backup Servicer for these transactions. PFSC Canada Inc. is the wholly owned subsidiary of Portfolio Financial Servicing Company (“PFSC”). PFSC manages approximately $19 billion in financial contracts as primary or backup servicer and through PFSC Canada Inc. provides a full suite of services to the Canadian marketplace.
  • BeaCH will purchase Series Alpha1 Trust notes from Beacon Trust.
  • BeaCH and Beacon Trust utilize an established and proven software application to monitor and report on the underlying pool of contracts. The application provides all necessary compliance reporting while maintaining the level of transparency and governance that the structure requires.
  • Subscribers may access the Series 2013-1 and Alpha1 monthly investor reports on the secure partner area of this website.

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We have assembled a team with extensive securitization and operational expertise to create an institutional grade investment structure.

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